Business Electronics Specialists & Technologies (B.E.S.T.)

If we can't do it, you don't need it

Welcome to the Professional portal of Jon Hendricks, Jr.          Chief Technical Consultant and owner of Business Electronics Specialists & Technologies.

As time goes by I am slowly beginning to appreciate having an internet presence. As I'm learning, creating a website is not an easy thing to do. What you will find here are the basics of who I am today, some background and history.

While this sites focus is more on what I do as a career now, I will be adding content that will also express the artistic background I have and begin to reflect "current events" and activities based upon that. I am still active in the world of music to a limited degree - Jazz Guitarist & Vocalist - and it will always be part of my personna. But lately it is very part-time and inconsistent. Nonetheless, I could not exist in this world without my music.

If there is something that you find missing or in need of clarification feel free to email me and let me know.