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My Bio Demographic

Jon Hendricks, Jr.

Male, 59 yrs

Computer Network Engineer/Professional Jazz Guitarist & Vocalist

San Francisco, CA. 94103

Member since: 2007

The History - part I

I started business for myself by creating California Marketing Group in 1981. There I wholesaled and retailed California Premium Wines. I was the first independent operation in California to start a "Wine of the Month" club concept. I began to enjoy the hobby of computers after purchasing my first one - and Apple IIe. I first programmed the flyers we used to send out our wines to customers on my Apple IIe then moved to a new platform a short period later - an Osborne Portable. It's all history from there.

The History - part II

My love for computers grew faster than my desire to continue with the Marketing company so I sold my share of the business to my partner and moved fulltime into computer programming in 1981. I began by developing Inventory Control and Personnel Management applications for the Northern California Premium Wineries. On Christmas 1982 I was the first on my block to purchase a Compaq Portable PC computer running DOS.

I then became a fulltime dBase programmer using dBase II Run Time then on to dBase IV Edition by Ashton-Tate. The rest appears in my resume. I am proud to be a part of the history of the IBM PC Computer revolution as a developer/partner in the industry. 

Welcome to my HomePage .. this is a work in progress but enjoy while you're here ..

I get precious little time to work on this site but a little at a time and it will come together. This just means that you will have to visit often to see the changes as they happen. You can also email me at .. :)